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The Reid Temple Discipleship Development Program is designed to assist each member of Reid Temple in developing a closer relationship with God, understand the Power of the Holy Spirit, and help us to transition from a member of the church to a Disciple of Christ. This journey is a process, one that entails learning about the principles outlined in the Bible and understanding how we apply these biblical principles in our lives to carry out God’s plan. 

Reid Temple has over 80 ministries focusing on Evangelism, Education, Empowerment, Expansion, and Economics across both campuses. Within these ministries, the many commissioners, members, disciples, leaders, fellows, and ministers serve to perfect the saints. Regardless of our gifts and roles, we are all working on perfecting our relationship with Christ and living holy. The following programs were specifically developed by Reid Temple to assist members in achieving, growing, and acknowledging their covenant relationship with God.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is based on a Bible Study series taught by Rev. Washington to provide members with the opportunity to study and follow Jesus the Christ in a new and more intimate way. Boot Camp is a series of 10 sessions contained in the Boot Camp Manual. It is a 30-week series that can be completed either online or in the classroom from February through October of each year.  The classroom sessions are taught by the ministerial staff (Saturdays and Sundays). 

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Membership to

Membership to Discipleship Program was introduced in 2011 to meet the growing need to develop disciples and expand the ministry of Reid Temple in the surrounding communities. Pastor Washington gave the charge to the Membership Development Director and the Ministerial staff to design the Membership to Discipleship Training Manual to assist the members in growing deeper in their relationship with Jesus and accountable as disciples.

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Online Book Club

On-Line Book Club was introduced in 2011 to complement the vision to move members from membership to discipleship. The goal of this program is to provide teaching and training that centers on the formation of holy habits that lead to being rooted in a disciplined relationship with God. At the core of this program is the "From Membership to Discipleship Manual."