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Sunday Call Time: Our Sunday morning call time is 6:25 AM with a grace period of 5 minutes. By arriving after 6:30 AM, you stand to forfeit your opportunity to minister that Sunday along with the choir. But remember: you are welcome to worship in the congregation. It is important that we maximize the preparation time we have before services. Additionally, you are expected to minister at all services both on 1st Sundays (at least 4 times per year) and all 2nd Sundays. Arranging your schedule to rehearse for and sing on special occasions is also important, i.e. EATT, CATT, Pastor’s Anniversary, Church Anniversary, Music and Worship Conference, etc.

Sunday Ministry Readiness: The expectation exists that you change in the dressing rooms (not the fellowship hall) prior to ministry on Sunday mornings and you store all the items you won't need during service in the dressing room at that time. Please make time to arrive and change in time to arrive in the fellowship hall no later than the allotted time of 6:30. We will go directly to the choir loft from the fellowship hall. We suggest you arrive 10-15 minutes before the call time so that you have time to adequately prepare for ministry prior to reporting to the fellowship hall.

Etiquette: Please remain in the choir stand unless you have an emergency. We also expect you to remain awake during the service.

Rehearsal Attendance: If you have not attended any of the rehearsals prior to ministry 2nd Sundays, it is expected that you will not be prepared to minister and you will not sing unless there is an exception. Regarding Mass Choir, Myrna Summers expects you to attend at least one of the two rehearsals prior to 1st Sunday ministry (Tuesday or Saturday). We strongly encourage you to attend as many rehearsals as possible.

Communication: If you will be absent, need to leave early, or arrive late for rehearsal or a ministry event, please inform your section leader as soon as possible. Also, during rehearsals, please plan to stay until 9:00 PM (or 1:00 PM on Saturdays). If you cannot stay until the end of rehearsal, please inform your section leader (not Teon). The expectation has always existed that you be accountable regarding your ability to serve. Any other concerns can also be addressed through your section leader.

Mass Choir Participation: As we are all members of the Mass Choir as a member of the Music Ministry, we ask that you honor the commitment to sing on 1st Sundays (at least 4 out of the year's 12 months). It is highly recommended that you consider choosing one 1st Sunday every 3 months, which suggests that you plan to sing by March if you have not already. This safeguards against you falling behind in Mass Choir participation, as has happened with so many in the past. Quarterly participation also attempt to keep a solid number of YAC members participation spread throughout out each month. If by April, you have not ministered with Mass Choir, you will stand to forfeit your opportunity to minister with YAC until you are able to catch up. Please remember: this is a safeguard in place to assist you, lest you fall behind, and to strengthen YAC Mass Choir participation. 

Robe Dress Code: Please be sure to check the uniform schedule online. Also, be sure to have all uniforms clean and pressed. Please refrain from wearing dangling or drop earrings.