Press Release: Dr. Angela McCaskill

Dr. Angela McCaskill’s Pastor Urges Gallaudet University to Reinstate the Longtime Administrator
Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, Reid Temple A.M.E., Glenn Dale, Md.

It goes without saying that first and foremost we ask that Dr. Angela McCaskill be reinstated immediately to her position at Gallaudet University.

Dr. McCaskill has served the university for the past 23 years and has demonstrated the ability to execute her job with fairness, integrity, equality, and justice! We stand with our member here at Reid Temple who simply exercised her rights as a Maryland citizen in signing a petition, which in all fairness allows for “all” voting people to engage in the process of government.

As the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. from the university and to serve in the capacity of Chief Diversity Officer, she is keenly aware of the duties she needs to execute her job. As a citizen of the United States of America, her suspension is beyond the boundaries of civility.

As a church Reid Temple takes our role in civic leadership seriously, and has just this year been actively involved in voter registration, opposition to the Maryland gambling referendum, support for the traditional definition of marriage, calling for justice in the Trayvon Martin case, and advocating for the continuance of affirmative action which right now lies before the US Supreme Court. We are a church who cares for all people and believes that safe space for ones’ personal and religious views ought be championed by members of every community.

Unfortunately, Dr. McCaskill and her family have been subjected to threats and intimidation as a result of the media coverage of the actions taken by President Hurwitz on behalf of Gallaudet University. As her church family we stand firmly by her side, and welcome all persons of good faith regardless of their ideological views to denounce these actions of cowardice and bullying.

We pray that as our community wrestles with important issues we may do so in the context of love and not hate.

As her pastor, I stand to say that we as a church family and community support Dr. McCaskill and stand with her during this time. The unfair treatment of Dr. McCaskill is a warning of what is to come if same-sex marriage becomes law in Maryland. It is a clarion call for Marylanders who value religious liberties and individual rights to vote against question 6. Again, it goes without saying that she deserves her job back.

Because He Lives, I am
Rev Dr Lee P. Washington
Senior Pastor