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Psalm 95:1-2

O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.

MC Rehearsal Vault

Welcome to the rehearsal vault for the Mass Choir. It is on this page that you will find links to all songs.  Click on the alphabet below to quickly reach song titles.

Music Download

Click on the link below to download the music to your desktop or mobile device. Please note that you will need to have a music player installed to hear the music. If you download the songs and find that you don't have a music player, listed below are links to download FREE music players to install.

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Agnus Dei

Andre Crouch Worship Medley (YouTube)

And the Glory of the Lord

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Been So Good To Me  by Milton Brunson & The TCC
  • Bless the Name of Jesus (Michael White)

    Bless the Name of Jesus Lyrics

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    Celebrate the King(Ricky Dillard

    Come On In This House

    Corinthian Song (Kathy Taylor)

    Count Your Blessings

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    Draw Me Close To You

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    Every Time I Think About (MP3)

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    For The Rest Of  My Life (Rev, Clay Evans & The Fellowship Choir)

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    Glad About It

    God's Got It

    God Will Take Care of You (Edwin Hawkins)

    Grace Medley (Sheet Music Only)

    Grace Medley (MP3)

    Guide Me (Bread of Heaven)

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    He Would Not Come Down from the Cross

    Holding On And I Won't Let Go My Faith

    Hosanna (Norman Hutchins)


    I Can Only Imagine (MP3 format)

    I Have No Doubt (MP3 format)

    I Won't Be Back by Shirley Ceasar (MP3 format)

    It is Well With My Soul  (Sheet Music)

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    Jesus Is Looking Out For Me by the Southern California Community Choir

    Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross

    Jesus, Oh What A Wonderful Child

    Joy to the World  (Michael McElroy)

    Joy to the World Lyrics

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    Living Testimony

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    One Child (Mariah Carey)

    One Child Lyrics (Adult Voices)

    One Child Lyrics (Full Lyrics)

    One Child - SAT

    One Child - Soprano

    One Child - Alto

    One Child - Tenor

    Only A Look

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    Praise on the Inside (J. Moss)

    Praise To The Lord (Sheet Music)

    Press On

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    So Much to Live For


    Special Gift (Walter Hawkins)

    Special Gift Lyrics

    Sweeping Through the City

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    Walking Up the King's Highway

    We Gather Together

    We Shall Be Made Alive

    What He's Done For Me

    When the Saints Go to Worship

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    You Are Holy

    You Get The Glory

    You Reign - William Murphy

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